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Ge:Net provides turnkey wind measurement solutions for the wind farming industry including towers, measuring systems, installation and maintenance. Even remote areas, complex terrain or difficult access are no impediments for Ge:Net to install their meteo masts and deliver accurate data about wind potential on site.

Wherever the installation of a wind turbine or an entire wind farm is planned, precise information about the area’s wind potential is imperative not only to choose the most suitable turbines but also to calculate the expected energy yield as accurate as possible. Since the amount of energy generated by wind rises with the third power of the wind speed, even minor mistakes in estimating the wind speed have an extreme effect on the actual energy yield. Exact wind measurement directly on site can only be the answer.

Ge:Net produces and delivers all-inclusive meteo stations providing masts, measurement systems as well as installation and maintenance for the wind energy market since 2001. Today, the company’s range comprises tubular or lattice towers rising up to a height of 85 meters, and specific steel lattice towers up to a height of 140 meters, all complying with the international norm IEC 61400.

The measurement systems are equipped with high quality sensors produced by specialised, well known companies according to the IEC 61400 standard. The data logger recording the measuring data and transmitting them via GPRS, GSM or satellite, is exclusively programmed by Ge:Net. This enables the company to highly customize the equipment and to meet even most extraordinary requirements.

Ge:Net has gained considerable expertise especially in installing and operating meteo masts in most challenging weather and terrain-specific conditions in the remotest regions on the globe. Ge:Net meteo stations are collecting data in Chile and Sri Lanka, in South Africa and Greenland, and anywhere between. The measurement systems are robust and designed to work in extreme heat as well as cold and/or high wind speed, they work in the Sahara Desert as well as in more than 1000m above sea level in the Austrian Alpes.

Safe assembly and reliable running of wind measurement installations that secure accurate data about wind potential particularly on difficult terrain and under extreme conditions has become a trademark of Ge:Net GmbH. And with thirteen years of experience and more than 320 successfully installed meteo masts worldwide to look back on, the company guarantees competence and quality of highest standards.

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