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Ge:Net offers four different product lines for different purposes and conditions. Each mast, boom and all accessories are duly designed to fulfill the requirements of the relevant IEC 61-400 standard to reduce the influence of the mast structure.

Tilt-up Lattice Masts

Our latest developments are tilt-up lattice masts. They can be made of aluminium or steel. They a light and easy to transport, for the assembly no heavy gear is necessary. Tilt-up lattice mast qualify specially for remote sites. Maintenance is easy and swift because they are climbable. [more]


Steel Lattice Masts

Steel lattice masts from 100 m to 140 m height – the perfect solution for hub height measurement, even for large turbines. Reduce the uncertainties in your project as well as the risks in financing by a precise, accurate hub height wind measurement! [ more ]


Aluminum Lattice Masts

Aluminum lattice masts from 30 m up to 85 m height. These masts provide all the advantages of the tubular masts – they are light weight, easy to install and do not need concrete foundations or heavy machines – PLUS they are climbable! [ more ]


Tubular Masts

Tubular towers from 30 m to 85 m height - high quality for low prices. No foundations needed, easy to handle – this tower excels at remote sites or in difficult terrain with limited access. [ more ]

Your are not shure which measurement type is suitable for your situation. Please give us a call: +49 53 23 / 948 655 our project engineers will be pleased to consult you comprehensively and professionally.

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