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Steel lattice masts

Steel lattice masts from 100 m to 200 m height – the perfect solution for hub height measurement, even for large turbines. Reduce the uncertainties in your project as well as the risks in financing by a precise, accurate hub height wind measurement! These masts are climbable to reduce maintenance costs, and they can be easily adapted to different site conditions. Including site specific static calculation!

  • 100 m to 200 m height: measuring at hub height!
  • Steel lattice structure, galvanized, climbable
  • Modular design: customizable height, even existing tower can be extended
  • Specially designed for wind measurement: minimal influences by the mast structure
  • Rigid structure: can take very high loads (e.g. ice, wind...), suitable for extreme weather conditions
  • vertical installation: few space required for the installation, gentle handling of forest sites
  • installation by climbing crane, no need for helicopter or heavy cranes: inexpensive, no additional access road works, no groundwork for cranes necessary.
  • hub height measurement for all up to date wind turbines possible: significantly reduces uncertainties in energy yield prediction, significantly reduces financial risk!
  • re-usable

Your are not shure which measurement type is suitable for your situation. Please give us a call: +49 53 23 / 948 655 our project engineers will be pleased to consult you comprehensively and professionally.

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