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The Power:Container is an autarcic energy supply without the necessity of an electrical grid connection. With this efficient and climate friendly concept Ge:Net GmbH offers a wide range of new applications - specially for remote sites.


The possible applications are various: The Power:Container can be used for remote research stations, for water preparation, agricultural watering, or for wind measurement with higher energy need for instance heating sensors and booms.

The Power:Container combines different energy sources efficiently. There is a power generator driven by diesel, additionally wind and solar power can be combined with the power generator. The energy is stored in a series of storage batteries with 24 kWh. Optionally there can be installed larger lead batteries and lithium iron phosphate battieres (LiFePO4). The system is complemented by a larger than usual fuel tank up to 1500 L, depending on customers request, which garanties an autarcic power supply for up to 26 weeks with an average power supply of 1000 W.

The storage battery of the Power:Container stores all energy of all generators. Due to this storage technique the power generator can run in batch mode which increases the lifecycle of the power generator related to the supplied power significantly.

Completely new is the coupling of the consumer loads on the alternating current voltage side. This technique guarantees high efficiency specially during simultaneous power generation and consumption.

Additionally charging and discharing currents of the batteries can be balanced more precisely and the battery charge conditions can be calculated more accurately.

With the main control module all data are transferred to a cloud and can be easily available. The main control module can deliver up to 120 parameters of the Power:Container which can be altered or updated if necessary. If any error occurs the user can be informed by sms or e-mail.




Technical Data (basic version):

Container Dimensions: 220 x 160 x 240 cm

Weight (basic version) appr. 2050 kg

Power Generator: 6,0 kW

Power Converter: 6,0 kVA

Peak Power appr. 12,0 kW

Recommende continuous power < 1,5 kW

Battery capacity: 24 kWh

Fuel tank: 750 L

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