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Measurement with our Leosphere Windcube

Lidar Measurement

We offer a wind potential measurement with lidar technology. Our Windcube V2 with FCR option ist installed in a specially designed trailer. On contrary to other systems our set can be fully mounted on site by one person alone.

The lidar device will be validated before the measurement campaign.

The installation and supervision of the measurement campaign as well as service works will be carried out by our specially qualified and skilled  technicians.

Lidar device available start of 2022

Our Lidar Windcube ist available in 2022. We would be pleased to support you in your next measurement campaign

How does Lidar Measurement work with Ge:Net?

Lidar Technology

Lidar means Light Detection and Ranging. The lidar device sends laser beams into the atmosphere and catches the reflection from these beams on miniscule particles in the air. Lidar devices for wind measurement can measure the velocity of particles due to the Doppler effect and consequently calculate the wind velocity. Usually the measurement hight goes from 40 m to 200 m. Wind velocities from 0 to 70 m/s can be measured with an accuracy of 0.1 m/s.

Lidar Device

We have a Windcube from Leosphere type V2 with FCR (flow complexity recognition). With a 5th vertical beam the V2 is capable of a very accurate measurement even in complex terrain.


Energy Supply for the Lidar Device

The lidar can be connected to a stationary energy supply. Mostly measurement sites are remote and autarcic energy supply is necessary. Ge:Net's energy trailer is the first choice for the energy supply at remote sites. Several different energy sources will provide the lidar with energy. Additionally the trailer protects the lidar against theft and vandalism.




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